Bayan Ardakh. Updating lie or why don't the authorities get tired of making empty promises?

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Paul Krugman wrote that rich authorities are getting richer and poor people are getting poorer in the article “Trump Takes Us to the Brink” written in "The New York Times". A far as we know, a similar issue is happening in our country as well. Over the last past thirty years, the government has made a plethora of promises: “We are increasing the living standards of the population, we have a ten-thousand-dollar income per capita, we have joined to the fifty most developed countries in the world, we are going to join to the thirty most developed countries in the world…” ; however, we have not seen any improvement yet.

In our country,  wealthy people are getting richer and impoverished people are getting poorer. Who are they, you ask? Those who have been in power for 30 years, none of them are poor. They are in the top billionaire and millionaire list of Forbes in our country. It is a foregone situation that more political power they gain, and the more authority they have, the richer they become. It is not a secret that even those who had once joined the government and then switched to the opposition, are generally wealthier than others. So where did they obtain the money?

Over the past thirty years, the majority of the population has been living with their ordinary lives; they are remembered by political authorities only during election processes; they are used to fake promises by the government; they are lied for so long by authorities. They work for low wages, live in rented apartments (no housing), earn nothing more than for food and drink, many of them do not have the opportunity to provide quality education for their children …

By the way, in the United States, a strike against inequality is taking place. Paul Krugman had concluded his words with that if we pretend like not mentioning such inequality, it will eventually perish the country. What about us? What does the ruling class, who are extremely wealthy, yet not satisfied consider about this issue? Will they continue to deceive the people with false promises, as we have been going for the past thirty years, or will they discover a new lie? Otherwise, will they really start to improve the situation in the country? For us, these questions remain unanswered.

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