Bayan Ardakh. When will we elect mayors of Almaty and Astana?

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The change in history is not up to you and me. Contemplating what is occurring now with the past may not always have the desired result. If we consider so, your comprehension and consciousness are meant to be in the same place, or in the past.

The parliamentary election is ahead. After becoming president Mr. Kassym-Jomart Tokayev’s, he is now making arrangements for the first election. From now on, the citizens of the Republic of Kazakhstan will make their choice on behalf of the legislator and send their candidate to Parliament. However, most citizens remain inactive during this political campaign. People are expressing their opposition. Why? A foregone issue that almost all previous elections’ results were impeded by the government, moreover they had fabricated the election outcomes for their own benefits, substituting the truth with the lie, and propagandizing it without shame. 

That is why nowadays citizens do not believe in elections. They consider it as “one more lie of the authorities." However, such actions have been providing an advantage to the authorities. Nevertheless, it is unlikely that it will continue to be so. It is quite possible that the thought of the people will alter. We are aware of this from the fundamental legitimacy of the social phenomenon of politics.

If affirmative steps should be taken in the country then the government should first try to dispose of thoughts about an artificial democracy, unheard freedom, and unfair elections. The main value of a democratic system is the election. People will not believe in the rhetoric of politicians without seeing and feeling an honest election. If the people do not believe in politics, if they realize that the dialogue between government and citizens is closed, then their distrust will be expressed by going on strike in the streets, or in the worse case by violence.

The parliamentary election is coming. Nonetheless, there is no guarantee that the current election will be fair as the nation expects. If the authorities really desire to show that they want to abandon the past and rule the country in a truly civilized way, then they should start by electing the mayors of Almaty and Astana. If the mayors of both cities are elected fairly, without distortion, and publicly, the people will believe that the steps taken by the authorities in politics are not a hoax or a new lie. Can the government take this step, which will radically change the attitude of the citizens to politics? So many questions remain with no answers. 

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