Bayan Ardakh. The path from Caesar to Trump

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(Or the democracy of the US is going through a big trail.)

It should be remembered. Talking about the history play "Julius Caesar" written by Shakespeare. The play contains a monologue in which Caesar distinctly states that he was on the verge of death before he was assassinated. To this day, researchers have not been able to fully explain the meaning of his monologue and why Caesar deliberately took the risk. Perhaps Caesar knew that he would be killed. If he had known, we would have understood that Shakespeare, referring to him as a historical figure, was referring to an ever-changing principle in politics. It is a complex nature of the balance of the political conflict that leads to imbalance and its disruption.

As the US presidential election draws to a close and it becomes clear that Trump may lose to his opponent, there has been a flurry of speculation about his four-year presidency. One of the most notable is Trump's change in the political culture of the United States over the past two centuries, the political views of Republicans and Democrats. In plain language, we can call it "Trump's violation of the US-style political balance." In most of the past four years, President Trump has not had an ally from either party (Republicans or Democrats). Instead, almost all of the authoritative members of the two parties stood out for criticizing Trump's policies and opposing him. The implication is that Mr President, as president, has disrupted or threatened Washington's bipartisan political system, making them a common enemy.

So what has Trump changed? If we pay attention to the current open sources of information, we can see that Mr Trump has played a role just like J. Caesar in history. Here, of course, according to W. Shakespeare even if Caesar went to the Senate, he knew that he would be assassinated. But he still decided to take the risk. Because he knew that this step marked the beginning of a new era in Rome - the imperial era when power was concentrated in one person. That is why he consciously went to his death.

Of course, 2020 is a different period from the era of Caesar. Nowadays's the United States is not what was Rome. However, in the last election, Republicans and Democrats alike silently opposed Trump's re-election and succeeded. From this, we can see that the bipartisan political system of the United States has faced a great challenge at the beginning of the second decade of the XXI century. We can rightly call this historical situation a political balance and a conflict caused by the violation of that political balance.

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