C.P.Cavafy. I'Ve Brought To Art

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I'Ve Brought To Art


I sit in a mood of reverie.

I've brought to Art desires and sensations

things half-glimpsed,

faces or lines, certain indistinct memories

of unfulfilled love affairs.

Let me submit to Art


Art knows how to shape forms of Beauty,

almost imperceptibly completing life,

blending impressions, blending day with day.


December, 1903


And if I can't speak about my love-

if I don't talk about your hair, your lips, your eyes,

still your face that I keep within my heart,

the sound of your voice that I keep within my mind,

the days of September rising in my dreams,

give shape and colour to my words, my sentences,

whatever theme I touch, whatever thought I utter.

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