Ardakh Nurgaz. Colours of an Autumn

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No rain the whole summer

This is the first rain of the autumn

Rain outside the window


Two magpies are perched

On the powerlines

An imaginary order

Motionless, no sound, and nothing to say


White paper facing a pencil


A sound

What one can hear

Is the sound of rain

and the colours of the autumn


Open roses in the Sahara

There, and also here

Equally fragrant, fresh and a delicate scent



Rain stopped

Soil, baptised by the rain

Begins to show colour

The green grass revealed

All quiet around


Floating clouds dragging the rain

Have gone far

An ant, just out of an ants' nest

Paused on the tip of a grass


is shaking its smooth head, looking about it


An insect has flown out of the leaves

Is it a bee or a fly?

The tip of the grass moves gently

As a drop of dew begins to jump

Onto another leaf

A thought prompts another thought


The flown insect is gone, without a trace

The ant is slightly surprised

Before it crawls onto a leaf

The soil hasn't imagined

that a drop of dew is on its way

The dark clouds, with thunder hidden in them

Are shedding a storm in another place


I'm in a dream concerned with the rain


Translated into Chinese by Akhan

                                    Translated into English by Ouyang Yu


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