Bayan Ardakh: Will Russia be provided another chance by history?

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If we pay attention to the history of Russia over the past five hundred years, we will mention that it is constantly expanding the border. Another title for it is the declaration of continuous war. Declaring war to the West, South, and East. It is known that this process ended in 1991 with the collapse of the Soviet Union. Mr. Putin, who is the president of Russia today, does not seem to consider so. He declared war on Georgia in 2009 and on Ukraine in 2014. He is also actively involved in the war in Syria. The move is widely seen as a way to maintain Russian influence in the Soviet Union or a land dispute. In fact, if we look deeper, we realize that the new Russia wants to continue the tradition of re-expansion or war abroad.

However, in politics, there is a concept of time, environment, and opportunity. They are not working to persuade Russia to pursue a policy of imperial expansion. The main thing is that time has changed. The mainstay of imperial policy is war, the use of force to impose one's interests on others, and the forcible subjugation of other nations. The inequality of this policy had been shaken in the world for a long time. The British, French, and Spanish gave independence to the colonies in Asia, Africa, and Latin America long ago. Following this process, Russia renounced the Soviet Union and recognized the independence of the colonies.

It is well known that in the last century, the Germans and the Japanese, who wanted to renew the imperial goal, were defeated in World War II.

Today's world is moving in a different direction from the possibility of war and violence. The new period provides an opportunity in consideration of effective ways to resolve the contradictions that arose as a result of imperial policy. It is based on the concept of freedom. United States Declaration of Independence justified the independence of 27 colonial grievances, and made a well-known statement on human rights, particularly its second sentence: "We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness." It turns out that almost all people left after the collapse of empires support this position.

Why are we saying this? According to the latest news, Mr. Putin is eager to extend his candidacy for the presidency of Russia until 2036. The politician seems to have made the continuation of Russia's past imperial policy as the ace of his rule. This means that Mr. Putin has not learned from history. It is obvious that the politician is ignorant of the concept of modern renewal. History has given Russia a chance once. Although the Soviet Union lost its colonies during the crisis, Russia remained a country. Will history give Russia such an opportunity for the second time? Imperial conflict can only be resolved by the disintegration of the empire. Today's resumption of imperial policy in Russia means that the country will once again disintegrate in accordance with the law of disintegration of empires. It may not take as long as empires in the past. It is clear that Mr. Putin will lead Russia to this. What will remain from Russia at that time?

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