Bayan Ardakh: Kazakhstani corruption

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There is a notion in the minds of people who were brought up in Soviet society. That is not a common human value, but a value that promotes self-interest and self-centeredness. That is a class political dialectic of the division of one into two, which means "red and white, you and me, they and us.”

After the declaration of independence of Kazakhstan (1991), the ruling elite, led by Nursultan Nazarbayev, tried to replace this notion with the public notion of "we". There are many different meanings of "we" here. That diversity has helped Nursultan Nazarbayev hold on power for many years. For instance, he meant "Kazakh nation", “Kazakhstani" and “not a Soviet person.” In fact, all this was a time-consuming political tactic to solve social problems by the ruling elite. Thirty years later, we see that none of the above-mentioned notions did remain. These notions could not be a force for restraint in society. Instead, after the collapse of the false ideology of Soviet society, we see the formation of a group of people who have radically changed their values, cultural norms, healthy relationships with people, but became those who value only materialistic values, who consider money as a God. The ruling elite is particularly corrupt. The main goal and mission of the ruling elite have been the illegal privatization and resale of state property, the purchase of expensive housing abroad, and the concealment of funds in foreign banks. Despite the country's crackdown on corruption over the years, it has failed to curb the corruption of the ruling elite. Their corruption remains closed. In the international rankings, Kazakhstan is on the list of the world's most corrupt countries.

The source of corruption in Kazakhstan lies in the false ideology and upbringing of Soviet society. We will not be able to get rid of corruption without getting rid of the Soviet worldview, without completely modernizing the political system, without realizing and strictly monitoring democratic values, without modernizing society.

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